Fred Magie - Songwriter, Performer

 The release of Fred Magie's new album, "Window To The World" along with a video for the title track lead to performances around Southern Ontario and a Hamilton Music Award nomination for "Adult Alternative Recording of the Year". On this, Fred’s fourth studio recording, he collaborated with producer, Trevor Titian (Michelle Titian, Harrison Kennedy) and world-renowned musician Bill Dillon (Sarah McLachlan). The songs on the album were written and arranged in a downtown Hamilton studio overlooking the fountain in Gore Park, until Magie, Titian, and Dillon all agreed that the lyrics, chords and storylines were cohesive. During those long nights reworking the songs, a trusting connection was formed enabling the studio team to journey through a creative process that saw the album actually being recorded twice. “The first version of the album sounded a lot like the Travelling Willburys with layers of vintage electric guitars. Listening back it was clear that while it sounded good, it just didn’t reflect enough of who I am” Going back to the drawing board, the second attempt was focused on the natural acoustic guitar sound of Fred’s musical heros, Neil Young and Ron Sexsmith. “When we played the songs with mainly acoustic guitars we had an ‘aha’ moment realizing that this was it. This sounded like Fred Magie!” Lyrically, “Window To The World” explores loss, coping with change and finding hope to overcome challenges. Some of the songs follow characters through intricate storylines, while others are more representative of Fred himself. For example, “Co-star is a story of an ambitious actor who is visually impaired, while “Cedar Lane” reflects what it was like for Fred growing up in Muskoka. Fred has been writing and performing his songs for ten years. A previous release entitled “Vote For Orb” under the band name, Molten Blue, earned the title “Best Band of 2002” by The Record in Kitchener Waterloo.  
Bill Dillon
guitar, bass
  If beatification was based simply on the amount of espresso one consumes over a lifetime, BILL DILLON would have qualified for sainthood years ago. The world-renowned guitarist -- raised in Grimsby, Ancaster and now based in New Orleans -- is as legendary for his gourmet caffeine habit as he is for the unnatural sounds he manages to coax from his instrument: sounds that have graced recent albums by NANCI GRIFFITH, EDIE BRICKELL and COUNTING CROWS and brand new efforts by ROBBIE ROBERTSON and JONI MITCHELL. "I'm talking to the medical profession about installing an I.V. pipeline of espresso into the studio so that Bill doesn't have to stop playing," joked Robbie Robertson, the former BAND leader who has used Dillon extensively on his three solo albums and for soundtrack work. "I've never seen anybody drink so much espresso and smoke so many cigarettes and remain so healthy," adds IAN THOMAS, who employs Dillon as guitarist in his band THE BOOMERS. "Bill's living proof that viruses and bacteria can not live in a tar base." On this particular occasion, Bill Dillon is sitting in a corner of Valentino's on King Street. Nattily attired in a bowler, thin-rimmed JOHN LENNON sunglasses, a vest, jeans and stylish greying mutton-chop sideburns neatly trimmed to the jawbone, Dillon could be mistaken for a distinguished English gentleman save for one clue: three drained cups of double espresso sit discarded on the table, orbiting around an ashtray obscenely packed with cigarette butts. Espresso has become such a necessary regimen of Dillon's diet that even he doesn't even keep track of the number of cups he empties in a day. "I can't count that high," winks Dillon as he excuses himself to use the men's room, but not before ordering another double espresso. Ask anyone about Bill Dillon, and they'll tell you what a sweet guy he is. One of the most well-liked and respected musicians in the business, his friendliness, love for THE BEATLES and obsession with English sportscars are his three most-mentioned attributes outside his guitarmanship. It's definitely when talking about his musical approach, however, that jaws begin to drop and accolades come pouring out. "What he does on guitar is what a synthesizer would do," states BOB DOIDGE, Dillon's former TRANQUILITY BASE bandmate who operates Grant Avenue Studio and has employed -- along with DAN LANOIS, Grant's previous owner -- Dillon for hundreds of sessions. "He puts a shimmer in guitar. Sometimes it's not even recognizable as a guitar." "He's probably one of the most instinctive musicians I know," says Ian Thomas, who has worked with Dillon on both Boomers albums, What We Do and The Art Of Living. "He has complete control of his instrument. He's not content to play a part he might have heard. When Bill Dillon plays, he has his own sense of composition." Robbie Robertson has used Dillon for his Robbie Robertson, Storyville and brand new Music For The Native Americans album as well as on The Color Of Money and Jimmy Hollywood soundtracks. "One of the things we do that's extremely different is that Bill creates a sound orchestra, which frees me up to do rhythms and solos," Robertson explains. "He understands my music emotionally. He has very good taste in sounds, and he's always doing something where the band stops and says, `Who is that? What the hell is that?' It's always Bill." Dillon himself is coyly at a loss to explain his secret. "I have no idea," he laughs. "I don't know if I want to know." What it is is a combination of semi-acoustic guitar and volume pedals, and through an experimental nature, the former RONNIE HAWKINS, SYLVIA TYSON and MARK LaFORME sideman has endeared himself to a global circle that includes Robertson, Joni Mitchell (her upcoming Turbulent Indigo album), MARTIN PAGE, OVER THE RHINE, Edie Brickell (Picture Perfect Morning), SARAH McLACHLAN and others, thanks to a break in 1987 when Dan Lanois produced Robertson's first album and recruited Dillon for the gig. At one point, he was even a member of THE PRETENDERS for six weeks a few years ago, although things didn't work out with leader CHRISSIE HYNDE. "It was a struggle for me, because my mother had just died," recalls Dillon, "She (Chrissie) was going through one of my, `I don't want to make a record periods.' It was bad timing.I was going through some pretty heavy things myself." Hynde, however, did take the Beatle fanatic to Mecca for a few hours: Studio 2 of Abbey Road in London, legendary birthplace of The Fab Four's groundbreaking albums. "I sat on a stool on the original Abbey Road, and just stared," recalls Dillon. "I was down the street from PAUL's (McCARTNEY) house. It was so overwhelming. Everyone left me alone so I could be overcome with emotion." Of his status and lifestyle, Dillon says he feels fortunate. "It's everything I dreamed and more. It's pretty intense and ongoing," he admits." "It takes a lot of time and energy -- often 18 hours a day for weeks on end, until the job is done. "But I don't want to work all the time. This allows me that luxury, and time to work on my own stuff." Dillon says recording with a Daniel Lanois or a Robbie Robertson requires imagination and discipline. "The challenge is trying to focus -- to step a little further aside from the general conscience. To see what's inspiring. They teach me to go where I don't always go, and to come back with the same inspiration. You just can't make mistakes." Until last week, the 43-year-old Dillon and his third wife Barb were stranded in the Grimsby-Hamilton corridor since their marriage in Baysville seven weeks ago. The hold-up was due to body and paint work he was doing on his '69 Triumph Spitfire, which the newlyweds planned to drive back to their New Orleans apartment. While those plans were pre-empted by a call from Robertson to appear on The Tonight Show last Monday and Good Morning America this coming Monday, Dillon says he's happy to be based in the Mardi Gras capital for a number of reasons. "It ain't Hamilton," says Dillon, lighting up a cigarette. "We came up here to get married. But New Orleans is mainly a snow-free, temperate climate. We live in the French Quarter . It's a good hub for me to be geographically. I'm right in the middle between New York and L.A. It's also a short distance away from Nashville." "When Mom passed away, there were no ties anymore. Dad past away last summer, and I've been here all my life. I want to see the rest of the world." In fact, Bill and Barb are toying with the idea of emigrating to Ireland. "I'm just tired of North America," explains Dillon. "We're both of Irish descent, and it would plug me into the European scene without relinquishing my Canadian passport." Dillon says Europe is both "more civilized and loose." "Espressos are a way of life over there," explains Dillon, an incredulous expression on his face. "You ask for a coffee over there, and it's espresso. Over here, it's an imposition!" -30- DISCOGRAPHY 1991 -- The Boomers, What We Do -- Warner 1993 -- The Boomers, The Art Of Living 1994 -- Counting Crows, August And Everything After 1994 -- Lisa Germano, Happiness 1994 -- Robbie Robertson, Robbie Robertson 1994 -- Various Artists, The Unplugged Collection Volume One (with 10,000 Maniacs) 1995 -- Chris Whitley, Living With The Law 1995 -- Edie Brickell, Picture Perfect Morning 1996 -- The Boomers, 25 Thousand Days -- Alma 1996 -- Lisa Germano, Geek The Girl 1996 -- Robbie Robertson, Storyville 1996 -- Nanci Griffith, Flyer 1996 -- Robbie Robertson and The Red Road Ensemble, Music For The Native Americans 1997 -- Dar Williams, At The End Of The Summer -- Velvel/Razor & Tie 1998 -- Gordon Lightfoot, A Painter Passing Through 1998 -- Joni Mitchell, Turbulent Indigo 1999 -- Gordon Lightfoot, Songbook
Lisa Winn
backing vocals/percussion
  Lisa Winn was born and raised in the enchanted land of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where her life has been intertwined with the brilliant musicians who happen to exist there in the dozens. "The Hammer" seems to be a breeding ground for true songwriters who, while partaking in each other's lives and music, hold incredible commitment to the development of their craft. The birth of Lisa's career was signified by her heavy involvement in the Hamilton music scene as one of the most coveted backup singers around. She has the ability to blend with anyone's voice perfectly while maintaining her very distinct and powerful sound. She has instant chemistry with whomever she sings with and the aptitude to instinctively follow her partner through a range of moods and dynamics. Some of her backup credits include Gordon Lightfoot, Shannon Lyon, Jacob Moon, Mike Trebilcock (Killjoys), Rob Lamothe, and Jamie Oakes. The most impressive part of Lisa's career begins with her emergence as a solo artist. Not only as a vocalist, but as a burgeoning songwriter. After tentatively picking up a guitar for the first time she made a brave attempt at bearing her soul through words and melody. The result was a small but beautiful and honest collection of songs. She then co-wrote a handful of songs with producer/songwriter Rob Lamothe, chose covers penned by local musicians Ray Materick and Mike Daley and released in 2000 her stunning debut 'Mother Earth'. This record expresses the true contradiction that is Lisa Winn. There is a lightness that exudes from her being, a beautiful earthy quality, her love of animals and nature visible right from the albums artwork and her enormous capacity to love, which her songs further convey. But then we are exposed to her darkness which digs a little deeper into who she is; it shows us a more private and vulnerable aspect of her being. It's where her passion is fiery and violent and unabashedly honest. It is what reveals her as a true artist. The release of 'Mother Earth' brought with it a flurry of praise and heightened respect among her musical peers. Lisa began performing her own music for the first time and gradually broke away from her title as 'backup singer'. Taking her album throughout the Canadian festival scene and even all the way to Europe, Lisa found herself sharing the stage with such notable musicians as Holly McNarland, Emm Gryner, Damhnait Doyle, Oh Susanna, John Mann (Spirit of the West), Danny Michel, The Rheostatics, Martina Sorbara, Luke Doucet, David Francey, Tom Wilson (Junkhouse), Jackie Washington, Katherine Wheatley, and Lynn Miles. Continuing with her solo effort Lisa headed to Hamilton's Grant Avenue Studio to begin recording her sophomore cd, Out From Under. Once again Lisa had her wonderful musical companions embellish on her sparse arrangements. But she wisely chose to keep production to a minimum in order for the listener to be struck by the bare reality of her confessions and the raw emotion of her experience. Out From Under is a personal narrative of the hardships of love and loss. The songs describe a potent and virile time in her life and are seeped in melancholy, but there is also humour, hope and happiness weaved into her moving tales of heartbreak. With her unforgettable 2003 follow up, Lisa has proven herself as an established and confident songwriter willing to tell the hard truth with a breathtaking and unwavering grace. Lisa is currenly part of a Canadian collective called The Ladybird Sideshow including fellow songwriters Erin Smith, Melissa McClelland and Janine Stoll. The collaboration of talent only helped to solidify Lisa as a songwriter among songwriters and once again showcased her talent as a stellar harmonizer. The Ladybird Sideshow is an in-the-round format featuring each of the girls original material layered with three and four part harmonies. The group released their debut cd "Live at the Orange Lounge" in November of 2004. "Why they would all take time out from their own individual careers to sing together is obvious from the first notes of this album, as the soaring four-part harmonies are heart-melting." says Jason Schneider of Exclaim! magazine. The girls continue to thrill audiences across Canada and the U.S. with their stunning harmonies and witty stage antics. Lisa is also the backing vocalist for the industrial/rock/pop band Jakalope. When on tour with the band, she shares the stage with the likes of Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie), Phil Caivano (Blitzspeer, Monster Magnet), Sean Stubbs (Tainted Lovers, SNFU), Matt Warhurst (SNFU), super producer/engineer Matt Hyde and the bands front woman Katie B. Lisa's harmony vocals can also be heard all over the bands debut cd "It Dreams." With any project she involves herself in, Lisa's haunting voice gives us no choice but to feel every single sentiment she delivers right down to our core. What lies ahead is surely another long road lined with new visuals of a stunning musical landscape. Her travels will take her from one rich experience to the next and we, the listener, have the fortunate opportunity to follow alongside her and feel secondhand the power of her abundant emotional life. The ups and downs. The highs and lows. The light and dark. And all the beautiful contradictions that make life worth exploring. "A dynamic singer whose range and power are only exceeded by her warmth and genuine understated soul." - Alex Erasmi, View Magazine (Ontario) "Her charm will envelop you, her voice will captivate you and her music will leave you breathless." - C.J. Cauley, Shock Value Music Webzine, Ohio "...the floating, sustaining harmonies of an angel." - Janine Stoll,, Toronto "shimmering yet sonically devastating vocals" - Blair Watson, Action Magazine, Calgary "Lisa Winn is an honest to god world class singer." - Mike Trebilcock (Killjoys) “(Mother Earth is) personal and provocative, showcasing Winn’s striking artistic triumph...” - Alex Erasmi, View Magazine, Hamilton “Lisa Winn has one of those rare voices that can rip the paint off the wall or melt your heart, all within a heartbeat. This debut album weaves musical magic...” - James Porteous, Editor, writer and reviewer, The Music Newsletter "...her voice has a rarely felt power and purity...genuinely moving..." - Philip Wilding, Classic Rock Magazine, UK "...if you are into genuine, true musicality and heartfelt performances you should definitely get hold of it. (Mother Earth)..." - Lennart Hedenström, The Northern Light, Sweden "...beautifully blended vocal harmonies... lovely, honest voice... " - Jim Kelly, Canadian Musician Magazine "Somehow Lisa manages to sound like someone you've known all your life. She sounds like a friend. She simply has one of the most compelling voices I have ever heard." - Eef Vink, Rocknet, Netherlands "incredibly smooth, emotive vocals...amazing voice..." - Glen Nott, The Hamilton Spectator "Lisa Winn has the rare ability to listen while she sings. Her sweet voice and gentle onstage persona add greatly to any musical situation." - Doug McArthur, Artistic Director - Eaglewood Folk Festival, Pefferlaw, Ontario "Lisa Winn is fast becoming a Canadian Sensation. She writes deeply personal meditations on life and love. With a voice from heaven that can move or melt and an instantly likeable stage presence, Lisa has become a favourite on the Southern Ontario music scene...literally turning your everyday life into a state of musical grace." - Jim Marino, 93.3 CFMU -Hamilton, Ontario Lisa is a much sought-after backing vocalist. She has toured extensively as a back-up singer for various bands and singer/songwriters. She is featured on the following cds, just to name a few: Melissa McClelland - Thumbelina's One Night Stand - 2006 (Orange) Jacob Moon - Eventide - 2006 (Independent) Janine Stoll - This is where we bury it - 2005 (Independent) Chris White - ...three am - 2005 (Independent) Les Smith - Piece by Piece - 2005 (Independent) Fred Magie - Fred Magie - 2005 (Independent) Jakalope - It Dreams - 2004 (Orange) Lindy - Suspension of Disbelief - 2004 (Orange) J.P. Riemens - Blue Martini - 2003 (Independent) Ray Materick - Life and Times - 2003 (Linus Entertainment) Jamie Oakes - Eloquence - 2002 (Independent) Jacob Moon - Landing - 2002 - (Independent) Bill Candy - Common Ground - 2002 (Independent) Kristine Stone - Feather on the Pavement - 2002 (Independent) Bruce Mowat - Almost Listening - 2002 (Independent) The Kevin Maclean Band - All the Good Peopl - 2002 (Independent) Hot Mustache - Space Lounge - 2002 (Independent) Doug McArthur - The Dust of Davy Crockett - 2002 (Tableaux Vivantes) Rob Lamothe - Above the Wing is Heaven - 2002 (Southgroove Records) Ray Materick - The Songwriter - 2001 (King Kong Records) Melissa McClelland - Melissa McClelland - 2001 (Daddy Warbucks Records) Rob Lamothe - Wishing Well Motel - 2001 (ADMM Records) Rob Lamothe - Steering with My Knee - 2001 (Byrnewood Records) Craig Erickson Project - Shine - 2001 (Grooveyard Records) Michael J. Birthelmer - The Grand Review - 2001 (Independent) Scott Cameron Smith - Poets and Painters - 2001 (Fogarty's Cove Music) Mike Trebilcock - Shield Millions - 2000 (Jolleycut Records) Mike Daley - Been Here and Gone - 2000 (Independent) Jacob Moon - The World I Left Behind - 2000 (Independent) Shannon Lyon - Summer Blonde - 2000 (Squaredog) Gordon Lightfoot - A Painter Passing Through - 1999 (Reprise Records) Rob Lamothe - i am here now - 1999 (ADMM Records) Project Hum - Project Hum - 1998 (Independent) Rob Lamothe - Being Human - 1998 (Dreamcircle) Jacob Moon - Among the Thieves - 1998 (Independent) Rob Lamothe - Gravity - 1996 (Dreamcircle)
Andrew Aldridge

Guitarist, Producer, Photography For the past 4 years, I have been Sarah Slean's guitarist... it's been a blast... go to her Myspace page... Before and During my time w/Slean I have had the pleasure of playing/touring and/or recording with... Danny Michel Jakalope Universal Honey Chris Baron (Spin Doctors) Wild Straberries Michelle Titian Tomi Swick Byron Wong Rossif Sutherland Abra Moore Oh Susanna Echo Hermits Kathryn Rose Lisa Winn Jeremy Fisher Lucie Idlout Lindy Luke Jackson Sean Szutka Morgan Finlay Melissa McClelland Adrienne Peirce Tariq Kevin Briet Jocelyne Lanois Les Cooper Kurt Swinghammer Clayton Denwood Monte Horton Kyrie Vibrant - Dandelion Alex Baird Alana Kurtis Sean Hogan Chloe... Read more:


Chris Lamont


Chris Lamont is a drummer who has been experimenting with various styles of music from rock to traditional jazz since the age of eight. He has been working extensively both live and in the studio with New Orleans trumpet man Kevin Clark, known for his time with the Dukes of Dixieland and the New Orleans Nightcrawlers.. Other recent credits include EMI recording artist Damhnait Doyle, Nettwerk recording artist Martina Sorbara, and the legendary Sass Jordan. Chris has been rapidly becoming one of Toronto’s most versatile and in-demand session drummers. Chris has had a wide range of musical experience, working with artists such as jazz great Peter Appleyard, Canadian blues icon Jeff Healey, the first "Canadian Idol" champion and BMG recording artist Ryan Malcolm, Bill Dillon (Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson), Jamie Oakes (Tom Cochrane, Marc Jordan), Alex Pangman and her Alleycats , Harrison Kennedy (Chairmen of the Board), Dale Martindale (Images in Vogue), The Greg Bush Quintet, The Dixie Demons, and many others. Chris endorses Taye Drums and Sabian cymbals.
Clark Johnston

n the last 17 years Clark has had the pleasure of working with Peter Appleyard, Mike Malone, Lina Allemano, John MacLeod, Kirk MacDonald, Mike Murley, Michael Stewart, Phil Dwyer, Bob Mover, Laila Biali, Tara Davidson, Chris Gale, Reg Schwager, Lorne Lofsky, Ted Quinlan, Roy Patterson, David Occhipinti, David Braid, Adrian Farrugia, Joe Sealy, Nancy Walker, Gord Webster, Dave Restivo, Richard Whiteman, Bernie Senensky, Brian Dickinson, Ted Warren, Kevin Dempsey, Barry Romberg, Archie Alleyne, Bob McLaren, Laila Biali, Jude Johnson, Sue Ramsey, Tori Cassis, Heather Bambrick, as well as many other great great musicians. Clark currently teaches at McMaster University. Holding a bachelor of music from McGill University, Clark is currently working on a masters in composition at York University. Read more: